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Maybe you are just starting out on a new business venture ... Or, maybe you've been unhappy with your current computer service provider for a long time.

Either way, we can help.

TC3 can show you how to increase your employee's efficiency and improve the security of your network without breaking the bank. Our FREE network audit will reveal conflicts, security loop holes, and other flaws in your network.
  • Diagnose any ongoing problems or any concerns you are currently experiencing with your computers or your network.
  • Verify the integrity of your data backups (Note: Tape backups fail at the rate of 100% of the time!!!; do not wait for a disaster to hit before you discover your backups were not working!)
  • Look for hidden viruses, spyware, and security loopholes in your network security that could allow hackers and viruses to compromise your network and your or your clients confidential information.
  • Review your server computer logs to uncover any developing problems and/or conflicts that will ultimately turn into unexpected down-time.
  • Answer your questions about suggested upgrades, adding new equipment, utilizing remote access, or any other project you have in mind.

To qualify for free audit, you must have 5 or more machines networked together.

Network cable coiled like snake striking. 



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